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There really is nothing quite like it.  It’s the touch, the feel, you have to stop and stare, the cover,  the real thing, even the smell.

Its tangible, you can feel it, see it, study it, muse/dream over it, it’s real, someone has spent hours and hours over its construction and presentation. Pure Pleasure Records is just that! Pure Pleasure and that is what it has set out to be. The music and the physical record. Something to keep, treasure, admire and above all enjoy.


Of course with vinyl it’s not just a record, it’s the cover, the sleeve notes, you are  holding a unique package, produced by craftsmen.

The record you are holding or about to hold comes from a lifetime of a love of listening to, enjoying, and an admiration of music that comes from the vinyl form. Tony Hickmott, founder of the label, has spent a lifetime listening to music on vinyl.  He bought his first record, a Ray Charles seven inch at the age of 14, after hearing it on Radio Luxemburg and entering his first (of very many) record shops.  The shop in question was Reidy’s in Blackburn. Outside of the regular record fare on offer, American R&B records had to be ordered, with at least a three week wait before the purchase became real. He was one of just four fellow Ray Charles fans in a playground struck by Beatlemania.

This musical love affair began with a trip to see Jerry  Lee Lewis at King Georges Hall Blackburn, followed by trips to Sheffield, Manchester to see Sam Cooke, Little Richard, Billy Preston.  Bristol offered the opportunity to see Duke Ellington and Count Basie Orchestras.

Later, London was to offer an abundance of live music and record shops,  Collett’s, in Charing Cross Road, Dobells, James Asman, Ray’s Jazz shop in Shaftesbury Avenue. Shops selling mostly Jazz Blues and Folk. Then there were the live performances. This time it was Muddy Waters at the Marquee in Wardour Street.  The Muddy Waters Band, with Otis Spann and S.P. Leary. Folk and Blues Festival at the Royal Albert Hall, Son House at the 100 Club and of course all the magic that was Ronnie Scott’s. Next up, responsibilities came along, unfortunately buying  ‘Pure Pleasure’ doesn’t pay the bills! Couldn’t afford to keep buying the records, so thought, aha, lets sell them!  

Every Saturday for the next 10 years you would find a stall on Kingsland Road Market. What an education! This treasure trove was where as much was learned from customers as was sold!  The knowledge of the music gained in these years has been unforgettable and inspirational. Thank you to all who came along every week without fail.  

Along the way met up with John Wright at City Sounds, which eventually led to the formation of Greyhound Records along with Paul Callaghan and Tony Munson of Disc Empire and Flyover Records. The Greyhound Years are legendry. Magic, wizard days. Boxes in. Boxes out. Thousands of titles, the whole world of music. Independents and major record shops, whatever was needed, we supplied. Twenty five years whizzed by, fun rushed times, from a lockup in Fulham to the Works in Clapham, every Soul, Rock, Jazz import you could think of passed through the doors.


The years at Greyhound Records, a profound knowledge of music and artists flourished. More Knowledge gained. Two decades were spent importing some of the most exciting and influential music of our times. Years speed by. Here we are now, on a small island by the Thames, boxes in and boxes out. 2002 saw the celebration of the Craftsmanship which goes into Vinyl Production. The creation of Pure Pleasure Records, a label dedicated to the Restoration of the Art of Sound on 180gm Vinyl. Nothing Else!.

This time still the selling but now, the attention to detail. Research, Research, Research.  First Step, the Record Labels, who own the music. Their permission to reproduce their artists, which facilitates the reproduction. This is a real privilege. The process of restoration would not be possible without  them.  

Sourcing the best available masters to work from, then over to spending stunning days with the experts at Mastering. Air Studios with Ray Staff. Graheme Durham at the Exchange, Shaun McGhee at Abbey Road. Ron McMaster at Capital mastering in Hollywood, Kevin Grey at Coherant Audio. Tracking down the original covers, forever amazed at the skills of Brian Shields in reproducing the covers to such a high standard. Our records are pressed at Pallas Pressing Plant, Germany.

The final result.  A Work of Art! Each release is given the care and attention to detail these works of art deserve.  

Pure Pleasure releases are created from the original artwork and re-mastered from the original tapes by engineers who on occasions, have mastered the originals.  Some in the original studios!  The sleeves are re-created from the originals. An exciting journey! The End Result?

The Touch.  The Feel.  The Look.  The Craftsmanship.  What could be better?  The result of real team work.

Sincere Thanks to all who help make this Pure Pleasure.

Pure Pleasure Records - the pure pleasure of vinyl records!

Speakers Corner



German reissue label for jazz and classical music. Our name stands primarily for vinyl LPs with a first-class sound and quality pressings. Both Pure Pleasure Records & Speakers Corner Records have their albums processed and pressed at one of the best pressing plants worldwide.

Pure Pleasure Records



180gram Audiophile Vinyl Albums re-mastered by some of the best engineers in the world. Both Pure Pleasure Records & Speakers Corner Records have their albums processed and pressed at one of the best pressing plants available.